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Sunday, 14 May 2017

This 'weak leader' is taking on the whole British Establishment

Corbyn has mass meetings.
May meets selected party loyalists.
For far too long there was precious little real choice at a general election. As Labour drifted to the right and both they and the Tories fought for the same centre ground, more and more of their policies converged, which left many voters struggling to distinguish between them. Thanks to Corbyn, this is no longer the case. The leaked Labour manifesto is a programme for serious change to the way this country is run, and for whose benefit it is run.

Gone are the days when timid Labour leaderships, cowed by Thatcher’s legacy, dared not mention the word 'socialism', were afraid to talk about wealth redistribution in case it caused a media backlash, and meekly fell in line with the military ambitions of the USA, which caused many traditional Labour voters to desert the party.

Now we have a Labour party that is taking aim at the UK's gross wealth inequality and is planning to do something about it, that recognises how adversely public service cuts affect working class people and intends to reverse them, and that is prepared to stand up against unhinged Trump's foolish and dangerous war games rather than give him unquestioning succour.

Corbyn is standing up for, and firmly defending, what he believes in, putting forward a strong case for making the fat cats and wealthy corporations pay more tax in order to improve the lives of ordinary people, and today telling the USA that he will not be their poodle.

It is difficult to overestimate the fortitude and courage of a politician who is prepared to challenge head-on the accumulated privilege of the whole of the British establishment, along with all the rich and powerful interests it protects, yet he seems to be relishing the task. In that respect, Corbyn is arguably a far stronger Labour leader than any since the 1980s (with the all too brief exception, perhaps, of John Smith).

Working class voters can no longer complain that they only have a choice between Tory and Tory-lite. They can now choose between a full-blooded Labour party that firmly has their interests at the core of its manifesto and a determination to carry it out, or a Tory party that has run out of ideas, will make their lives even worse, and whose manifesto, I predict, will contain barely any firm policies to 'help ordinary working families'. The choice this time will be stark.

The Tories portray Corbyn as spineless - even though nothing could be further from the truth - because they know that his policies are very popular (the leaked manifesto has very high approval ratings already) and that their best hope of stopping him is if they can maintain the myth that he is weak and unfit to be prime minister.

So, don't expect May's 'strong and stable' mantra to stop anytime soon.

Brian Nelson
ARMs Yorkshire and Humberside region

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