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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Care in Crisis under the Tories

The Tory manifesto is a vague recipe for extending poverty not equality.

The Tory Government's 'Couldn't care less' attitude has led to record care home closures and an industry in crisis. Reports in the media have continued to reveal that since coming to office in 2010, the Tories promised improvement and delivered just the opposite. Their ideological dislike of local councils, cuts to their funding and deterioration of the 'care home industry' show no signs of stopping. £4.6 billion has been cut from Care funding since 2010 and when the human costs start to rise their best response is to say they may give £2 billion back - still leaving a massive £2.6 million credibility gap in their plans for Care.

Now the Tory manifesto promises that the cost of care will be met by the people who need the care themselves. Poverty amongst pensioners has increased under the Tories to almost 2 million. PM May now says the old in need of care must pay for themselves. There is of course no detail about how this is going to work. Vague references to 'means testing' criteria provide no detail about what that is and who will profit from their plans. More importantly: who will lose? The Manifesto refers to "those with modest or medium wealth". Where does that analysis start and end? Is it May’s own level of wealth? Well that is difficult to say as she has hidden her assets away in a Trust Fund. The only thing we have to go on is 7 years of broken Tory promises.

This isn't just about old people. When a person goes into a Care Home it involves whole families and different generations in managing not just the financial but the emotional cost of looking after their family member. The responsibility for the decline of 'Care' in our communities lies at the door of the Tory Government and even their own 'fanzine' the Mail recognises this. The following coverage looks more at these issues. This debate will run until and beyond the General Election.

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Tory manifesto: more elderly people will have to pay for own social care - here.

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Eddie Spence
ARMS Vice Chair

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