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Thursday, 13 July 2017

STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS

This post gives important information about these plans, info that the government is not keen to publicise. If you oppose them please sign this petition - here.

The Naylor Review, published in March 2017, laid out a new NHS Estates strategy to get rid of "surplus" NHS property. It is a con trick designed to turn public property into private wealth. Not content to just 'sell' the land and buildings, which might mean they go to Co-operatives or other socally aware groups or developers, Project Phoenix proposes a 'fire sale' via Public Private Partnerships.

Six regional Public Private Partnerships will be created to sell off “ surplus” NHS assets. Tenders for the partnerships are expected to be published in the Official Journal of the European Union this summer and the Public Private Partnerships will probably go live later in 2017. "Surplus" NHS land and buildings could be sold to developers wanting to build homes, or to the private sector to be improved and then leased to local health services.The profit from sales will probably be shared between the NHS and the private partners.

Channelling public money into Public Private Partnerships comes at a big cost. It means the state doesn't have to finance and pay capital costs upfront - but we know from the disastrous Private Finance Initiative history that these projects end up costing much much more than publicly financed projects, because of ruinous interest and facilities management costs. We also know that they compromise safety and usability standards during the construction stage, because profit is put ahead of everything else.

Government decided to cut public spending, but Hospital Trusts need money to implement the STP changes. A report to NHS England’s 15.12.16 board meeting said:
"Capital is very tight over the next few years; STPs' requests exceed what is available."
The report also said NHS England and NHS Improvement would review all STP capital requests and that funding would be available for:
"strategic schemes that are essential for unlocking local improvements and efficiencies".
A BMA report confirmed that 36 of the 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans between them required £9.5bn of capital funding but there is nothing like that money available. The 44 STP footprints between them need to 'save' £22 billion by 2020. Less than a quarter of local politicians believe that major NHS plans to reshape local health and care services will succeed, So why, we ask are they not challenging the proposals through the Joint Scrutiny Committees?

Please help us stop the STPs. Share the petition with friends or family or share on Facebook or twitter. The petition's website address is:

For more information about the land sale, click here.

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